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What the Winemakers are saying…

“Suisun Valley appellation has everything I look for in a wine region; exceptional climate and soil profile, interesting grape varieties, a focus on sustainability and most importantly growers that care. I have been overjoyed with the fruit quality, which yields complex flavor development while maintaining vibrant acidity and allows for balance at lower sugar levels, something I find very appealing as a winemaker.

Winemaker Faith Armstrong
Onward Wines, Farmstrong Vineyards

“When it comes to great quality at a competitive price, nothing beats the grapes I purchase from Suisun Valley.”

Winemaker Doug Sparks
Sunset Cellars

“There are two reasons why I purchase grapes from Suisun Valley:

• The soil and meteorological conditions are as good as Napa Valley for growing grapes.

• The growers of Suisun Valley are willing to farm at the highest level of quality if a buyer is willing to team up with them.”

Winemaker Abe Schoener
The Scholium Project


“All the fruit I bring in from King Vineyard in Suisun Valley, whether it be Cab, Syrah, or Petite Sirah, is hands down the best price-to-quality ratio for super premium grapes.”

Winemaker Ted Osborne
Olabisi Wines




“The Suisun Valley climate reminds us of the south of France. It yields wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon that we use for our rose’ and port programs at Croze. The ripening cycle of the grapes is perfect for the balance and complexity we are looking for when we make our wines.”

Proprietor Suzanne Wooton

“The Petite Sirah that I’ve purchased from the quality producers has been very good. The tannins weren’t overpowering,
and were quite manageable. That allowed me to make a very approachable wine.”

Winemaker Bob Broman
Langtry Estate and Vineyards (a.k.a. Guenoc)


“The quality of the fruit we are using from Suisun Valley is just as good as any of the fruit we are using from the Napa Valley. Tom (my partner) and I both believe that wine is of a place, and so we are happy to use the Suisun Valley appellation name as opposed to the North Coast appellation which covers 6 counties.”

Michael Turner, Partner
Thomas Michael Winery



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