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SVGGA Milestones, From 2002 to Present Date

Suisun Valley Growers Association (SVGGA)

~ 2004 to 2008 ~

  • 2004
    • Hired the following to advance their efforts:
      • SVGGA hired Turrentine Brokers to help sell their wine to more than the bulk market (Feb. 2004)
      • SVGGA hired Diaz Communications to help market themselves with PR and a Website. (Mar. 2004)
    • PR and marketing work began.
  • 2005
    • Suisun Valley debuted a buyer-seller forum, for more direct sales opportunities (Feb. 2005)
    • Continued to get press releases into the hands of vineyard and winery periodicals.
    • Continued to develop long range plans from the original goals.
  • 2006
    • Weather stations were installed to augment two existing ones, in order to gather data and prepare for climate studies. (Sept. 2006)
    • Farmers moved toward helping to craft the new general plan, in order to guarantee that their children’s children will still be able to farm in Suisun Valley, if they so chose to do that. (Oct/ 2006)
  • 2007
      • Created a strong strategic plan, taking it from present market conditions into a solidly structured future. (Apr. 2007)
      • The opening of the Suisun Valley Wine Co-optasting room signaled a significant growth spurt. Brands in the Co-operative tasting room included the following (Jun. 2007):
        1. King Andrews Vineyards
        2. Sunset Cellars
        3. Twilight Ridge
        4. Winterhawk Wines
      • Additional brands appellated to Suisun Valley are the following:
        1. Blacksmith Cellars
        2. Croze
        3. Forlorn Hope
        4. Koch Wine
        5. Ledgewood Creek Vineyards
        6. Manifesto
        7. Mankas Hills Vineyards
        8. Olabisi
        9. Scholium Project
        10. Tenbrink Vineyards
        11. Thomas Michael Cellars
        12. Trahan Winery
        13. Vezer Family Vineyard
        14. Wooden Valley Winery

    (Many of these brands are located out of Suisun Valley; however, the grape growers are coming into Suisun Valley to source great fruit. Sept. 2007)

    • 25th AVA Celebration had the entire valley show solidarity for night of food and wine. (Dec. 2007)
    • Separate valley event among the wineries established as part of their 25th celebrations. (Dec. 2007)
  • 2008
    • Grape Growers in Suisun Valley hired Dr. Paul Skinner of Terra Spase, Inc. (Apr. 2008)
    • SV AVA Climate & Topography Study was disclosed to the SVGGA Board of Directors (July 2008)
    • Additional wine brands discovered as Suisun Valley is approaching their 26th Anniversary. (P.B. Hein, Boodeaux Vineyards, Hidden Creek Cellars, Quixote, Red Cote, and Terremoto Cellars)
    • The 26th AVA Celebration enjoyed another successful night of food and wine, as well as wineries being overwhelmed with consumers enjoying the valley during last weekend of 2008. (Dec. 2008)

Suisun Valley Grape-Growers & Vintners Association (SVGGA)

2009 to present

  • 2009
    • February Suisun Valley Grape Growers Association (SVGGA) experiences a Metamorphosis in Name…to…Suisun Valley Vintners & Growers Association (SVVGA)
    • March 15, 1020, Suisun Valley begins social media with Facebook.
    • April 19, 2009, Suisun Valley initiates Passport Sunday with great success, as a sellout. (Apr. 2009)Harvest Celebration continues in late August.
    • Suisun Valley wine blog is initiated (September 3, 2009)
    • Holiday weekend is in its third year and has evolved as a successful annual event.
    • Appellated wines had grown to be the following:
      1. Andrew Lane Wines
      2. Bask Cellars
      3. Blacksmith Cellars
      4. Boodeaux Vineyards
      5. Bravante Vineyards
      6. Croze
      7. Forlorn Hope
      8. Gustavo Thrace Winery
      9. Hidden Creek Winery
      10. King Andrews Vineyards
      11. Koch Vineyards
      12. Ledgewood Creek Winery
      13. Mangles Wines
      14. Manifesto – Whetstone Wine Cellars
      15. Mankas Hills Vineyards
      16. Olabisi
      17. P.B. Hein Vineyards
      18. Panza from Quixote Winery
      19. RAMIAN Estate
      20. Red Côte
      21. Red Oak Winery and Vineyard
      22. Rock Creek Vineyard
      23. Scholium Project
      24. Shale Peak Vineyards
      25. Sunset Cellars, LLC – Twilight Ridge
      26. Tenbrink Vineyards
      27. Terremoto Cellars
      28. Thomas Michael
      29. Trahan Winery
      30. Twilight Ridge
      31. Vezer Family Vineyards
      32. Winterhawk Wines
      33. Wooden Valley Winery
  • 2010
    • Passport Sunday is in its second successful, sold out year.
    • Harvest Sunday continues to draw people into the valley.

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