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Grower and Winery Compliance EGVM

The first formal meeting on compliance agreements and quarantine concerning European Grapevine Moth was held today at Ledgwood Creek for winery. Grape and other host growers meet tomorrow at Solano County Agriculture Commissioner offices on Texas Street in Fairfield.

The protocols for processing, shipping&hauling, green waste discard are laid out in detail. Grower, hauler and processor compliance agreements provide a tool to minimize disruption to operations and provide a clean path to delivery of fruit to other quarantine and non quarantine areas, as well as discard of green waste.

There are a number of preclusions to what were normal operations of the past, but the objective here is to eradicate the pest and allow the industry to move back to normal. The pest is without a doubt moving around on bulk shipments and in green waste returned to vineyards, if such crops were infested.

It is highly recommended and encouraged that all concerned attend the scheduled meetings of Tuesday 9-noon or Wed 5-7PM at the County offices to learn the protocols and how the compliance agreements work. Should you have questions please call 707-784-1310 and ask for Linda Pinfold.

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