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Updates to EGVM status

It has been several weeks since the first notifcation of positive trapping of European Grapevine Moth in Suisun Valley. Since then there has been a lot of focus to understanding and dealing with the threat.

The April 29 Solano Agricultural Commissioner meeting on this topic was highly attended by growers from impacted areas as well as other areas in Solano County. We learned State and Federal teams are in the process of defining the protocols of quarantine that will govern our fruit movement, and expect to have that finalized in several weeks.

Spray materials are varied and run from organic materials to hard chemicals. Intrepid is the brand name of what might be one of the most economical but effective soft chemical materials targeted to this moth. Suisun Valley Fruit Growers Association has stocked this material.

While voluntary spraying of vineyards is encouraged, once the quarantine is implemented mandatory sprays can be required in positive sites. It is hoped these spray efforts can be combined with normal fungal sprays and Intrepid can tank mix with our mildew materials.

The moth presence is expanding with recent finds in Mendocino, and just this week Fresno counties. For a pest that has a limited flight pattern, it appears the wide geographic range would suggest transportation by other means is involved.

Growers need to pay close attention to communications coming from our Ag Commissioner Jim Allan. His office will be the coordination point for all the protocols and programs that will come.

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