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European Grapevine Moths Found

It was disheartening to learn this morning of the confirmation of positive trapping for the European Grapevine Moth in Suisun Valley. Traps on Gordon Valley Road and Morrison Lane returned positive for male EGVM as well as another found in upper Green Valley.

This invasive pest was first detected in Oakville in the Napa Valley last summer prior to harvest. The impacted vineyard lost it’s entire crop to the impacts of the pest. Major parts of Napa County and now lower Sonoma County have already been quarantined due to positive finds and the area is growing.

A major meeting for grape growers, and related Solano County growers, has been scheduled for 9AM Thursday April 29 at the Solano County Ag Commisioners office for several weeks to discuss the status of the EGVM. That meeting will now have significant importance on details and next steps.

Any grape grower in Solano County should be highly concerned and make every effort to attend on the 29th. Recommendations for spray materials, timing and the like will be covered.

The EGVM is highly focused to grape vines as host. While it does not destroy the vine it will render the economic value of the crop worthless. The impacted vineyard in Oakville last year lost 100% of it’s crop.

A meeting called for April 29 at the Solano County Ag Commissioners office is now imperative for Solano County grape growers to attend. It will begin at 9Am on Thursday morning in the Fairfield offices.

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