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Starting a new vintage


Each year a new vintage of wine will emerge from the collective efforts of growers and winemakers in any given place. It is a process that is more nature than anything else, we simply assist.

The new 2010 vintage is beginning the journey. Actually the process for this vintage started last summer with the formation of buds on scion wood that contained the origin of cluster and berries we will be picking late this summer.

That being said, and back to 2010, the first signal of the year is the awakening of the root system of the vine, which takes place generally in February, more specifically when ground temperatures warm the dormant roots and get them working.

For most wine lovers visiting vineyards in the winter months, February is the month when mustard covers the landscape with a brillant yellow carpet and plum blossoms begin to emerge. You can rest assured this also signals the start of grape vine activity at the root zone.

freshly pruned vines in sea of mustard

Recently, this February, we have had some very spring like warm days in Suisun Valley and to the trained eye that brought the vines to life in the root zone. Buds are beginning the swelling process in preparation for bud break later in March. The vintage is under way, yet we will not see green leaves on vines for some time.

By the time we arrive at Suisun Valley Passport Weekend April 18th, the vines will be in full leaf and close to bloom.

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