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Between Two Metro’s


While Suisun Valley has one of the more bucolic settings, especially for a small Northern Ca wine valley, it is also mid stream between the two major metro areas of San Francisco/Oakland and Sacramento. These two major areas are linked primarily by Interstate 80, which runs through the lower part of Suisun Valley.

Many make the trip (daily) without even knowing the wine region they are driving through, some may get an inkling when they pass Suisun Valley Road exit. But as consumer tasting rooms have expanded and communication efforts improve, wine lovers are beginning to realize just how easy it is to drop in for a quick visit, or come back for a day of exploration.

With such major population centers almost equal distance to the west and the east, both within an easy hours drive, Suisun Valley wineries are noticing more and more interest and visitation from the Metro populations. In fact it might be the easiest North Coast wine region to access with short and direct travel. Taking the Suisun Valley Road exit, just to the east of the I-80 and I-680 interchange, and heading north will land a wine visitor at the first tasting room within 3 miles and more follow immediately. Alternatively exiting at Abernathy and heading north brings you to other tasting rooms in same travel distance.

When traveling between San Francisco and Sacramento, take a few minutes break and venture off the beaten path for a tranquil respite, explore new wines and maybe even pick one up for dinner at home.

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