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Being seen at Unified


The new Suisun Valley Vintners and Growers Association handle and logo were prominent at Unified Wine and Grape Symposium this week given our sponsorship role. For the last three years the Association has sponsored morning coffee for the ‘State of the Industry’ General Session, but the first two under SVGGA.

The session was heavily attended this year for the predictable reasons of economy and its effects on the wine industry. A standing room only crowd of winery, vineyard and supplier senior executives filled the Hyatt Hotels Grand Ballroom. We hope they all had a cup of coffee on us before entering the presentation. In addition our revised logo was consistently present through out Unified in all venues providing multiple impressions

We have learned over the years that most do see and they have been made more aware of our AVA existence as a result. This makes it easier for many to identify with Suisun Valley when grapes and wines are being considered.

The session was bare knuckles on where the industry and economy currently exist, but offered some vision to slow improvements coming in 2010 and how this is now a ‘flat world’ global industry. Given such, branding is ever more important and this effort helps transition our new identity and build upon impacts previously created.

logo napkins were also created

logo napkins were also created

What we came away with is that Suisun Valley is working in the right price points, has a very positive ‘flavor to price’ ratio for both grapes and bottle wines and our Direct to Consumer efforts promoting visitation to our tasting rooms is on track. And that a free cup of coffee is a proven way to get someones attention at 8AM.

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