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Thanksgiving indulgence


Every year we seem to line up in the starting gate and explode en mass onto the American highways and air terminals in persuit of a family tradition based around a meal together. At the end we are stuffed, worn out, often sleeping at the relatives and understanding the tasks ahead; the rest of the Holiday season still is ahead.

Taking time to get out and reconnect with the natural agricultural roots of this Fall event is great stress relief during this period. Enjoying a few sips of wine along the way make it even better.

While many are falling all over each other on Black Friday at the Mall, maybe trying a different path at a Suisun Valley tasting room and picking up Fall seasonal produce to get back to lighter meals while your body recovers from turkey overdose is not such a bizarre thought. Checking the 7 day weather forecast it will be clear and pleasant for time outside.

If you ride, bring your bicycle and traverse the roads between stops burning off those now unwanted calories. If you are stuck on I-80 in shopping/holiday traffic, get off at Suisun Valley Road or Abernathy Road and take an immediate break by heading north into Suisun Valley. The change in pace and scenery will make a world of difference.

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  1. Dana Myers says:

    I can personally vouch for the 15-mile loop from Rockville corners, up Suisun Valley Road, over to Mankas Corner Road, up around Gordon Valley and back down Suisun Valley. Just a beautiful ride, not too hilly, and traffic is rarely a problem. Stop at the Suisun Valley Co-Op, Larry’s, Vezer, Wooden Valley, make a little detour to Ledgewood Creek, lunch at BJ’s BBQ or the Valley Cafe or La Barrista. Choices, choices.

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