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Fall turns quiet

P1010016The 09 harvest is really done when full fall colors come into view. It has been a long growing season stretching back to late March when first buds broke. Now with grapes into the winery and most pressed the quiet time of year has once again returned. Cold nights have arrived and the days are barely long enough to warm things up.

Wine qualities are looking very good as wines are being barreled down and heading into ML fermentations. With luck most will finish before the cold temps of winter put that process into hibernation.

2009 is a year that has brought additional changes to Suisun Valley. Growers moved more fresh packed wine grapes to East Coast distrubutors, a lot more Eastern wineries have found Suisun Valley the quality to value equation and continue to up bulk orders and the Association has become directly involved in consumer marketing for tasting room visitation.

Now we have a chance to catch up, get some quiet time to review the year and begin planning for the end of the first decade of the 21st century. It will get busy soon enough as the 2010 crop is already harbored in the buds of the vines. Winter pruning will start the process all over again.

To celebrate the season make sure you join us for a great evening of wine and food Dec 29th at the annual Anniversary Wine Maker Dinner.

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    Great fall image, Roger.

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