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Luck of the Price Point

The upper end of the wine buiness has been rocked by the current recession. The issue is based upon backed up case goods stalled in wharehouse due to lack of depletions at retail and on site sellers. It clearly has a price point trigger as commodity wines selling at or under $10 are moving well.

The middle ground for higher quality wines that can find price acceptance appears to live within the $11 to $20 range in the current environment. Wines selling over this new norm are finding difficult times, especially if they lack significant brand equity and limited name awareness. Even the appellation branding of Napa Valley has not been able to support many new entrant wines from that region seeking elevated pricing.

SuisunValley has found itself in the lucky position of producing wines that fall into this new price paradigm. Most Suisun Valley wines are priced between $12 and $18 as the historical grape pricing of the area has been favorable to such pricing and land costs have not been impacted by the high profile nature of surrounding appellations.

Quality levels at these price points continue to surprise and amaze consumers who become aware of Suisun Valley wines, which are more direct to consumer sales rather than distributed national brands. To experience that reality only requires an easily accessible visit to one of the mulitple tasting rooms that are now present.

As the holidays approach a simple day trip to Suisun Valley can lead to a well stocked holiday cellar at a cost that keeps the holiday cheer in good stead. Access from the metro’s of SF to Sacramento is a very quick and easy off ramp from Interstate 80 at either Suisun Valley Road or Abernathy Road. The internal valley signage will point out the rest of the way and make it very easy.

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  1. Jo Diaz says:

    These wines provide really great value, I’ve learned over the years. Yes, I help promote Suisun Valley Grape Growers, but I don’t work with brands that don’t measure up.

    Suisun Valley has amazing wines for the price, and this has been validated by every wine writer that I bring into the valley. I know where to go for the best values!

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