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Evolution of an AVA

It has been a common road followed by many wine growing regions that organize to promote their area; a growers association is formed by grape growers, wineries evole making wines of the region, the growers association expands to formally include the vintners. Suisun Valley is now moving through that transition.

During the summer of 2009 changes within Suisun Valley Grape Growers Association have lead to the formal change in name and structure to Suisun Valley Vinters and Growers Association. This was ratified by the General Membership at the annual meeting in August. Included in this change was, also, the absorption of the fledgling Suisun Valley Harvest Trails Association which had begun to enlist the in-valley winery tasting rooms into consumer marketing programs.

The path forward is currently being developed under the direction of the Association Board of Directors and recently formed Marketing Committee, that will focus on consumer marketing programs, and Growers Committee, that will focus to industry and trade programs.

To date SVGGA had dedicated the majority of it’s efforts to industry and trade programs aimed at improving the perception of Suisun Valley viticuture and grape sales. While these efforts will continue vigorously under the Growers Committee, new consumer marketing aimed at ‘Wine Country’ visitation and events is now in development.

The Suisun Valley AVA is coming of age many years past it’s formation back in 1982. The Valley has changed significantly in its agricultural thrust over this period with the recent evolution of multiple tasting rooms, consumer direct related agricultural products, in valley dining and expanded and updated visitor accommodations immediately available in Fairfield.

Long an AVA focused to growing and exporting North Coast oriented wine grapes, the new direction is in line with the strategic direction to increase internal demand for wine grapes by expanding consumer demand for Suisun Valley developed wines.

Consumers and growers alike are encouraged to celebrate this evolution at the annual Anniversary Wine Makers dinner to be held Dec 29 at the Club House at Rancho Solano. Check the home page of our web site for complete details.

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