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Rustic Suisun Valley Has Launched a New Website

There are very few places in California wine country that have Suisun Valley’s rustic charm. Some of its unique facets include the following:

  • Suisun Valley is a small, self contained appellated valley. It’s only eight miles long, and five miles wide.
  • Within its borders, Suisun Valley has a rich, agricultural heritage that dates back to 1848.
  • Suisun Valley also has an impressive grape growing history, dating back to 1858.
    • By 1906, Louis Mangels’ winery, called Solano Winery, was producing 500,000 gallons of wine a year.
    • When Prohibition hit the US, Mangles’ winery was one of only eight wineries in the U.S. that was allowed to legally continue to produce wine.
    • Solano Winery was one of 44 California wineries pouring at the 1939 Treasure Island World’s Fair.
  • Within its borders and in neighboring Green Valley, Suisun Valley has a burgeoning wine culture, with wineries popping up all over both valleys.

To celebrate its history and culture, Suisun Valley has just launched their new “Rustic Wine County” website that embraces it all:

  • Activities and Itineraries
  • Suisun Valley Tasting Rooms and Neighbor Tasting Rooms
  • Farm Stands and Recipes
  • Specialty Products and Unique Art
  • Restaurants and Places to Stay
  • History and Geography
  • Directions and Climate

Suisun Valley offers its visitors a wine country experience unlike any other in California. Through the years they’ve been able to maintain a rustic charm that reminds people of days gone by, days that were more relaxed, when visitors met and talked with winery owners and winemakers. It’s still that way in their small valley, and their new Website is a tribute to all that they were and have now become.

Visit for a tour of what is happening and for more details.

It may interest you to know that I had the honor of writing copy for this new Website. What an amazing experience that was, and what a tremendous learning curve. I continue to remain amazed that I was given the task to become their modern-day historian. The more I learn, the less I seem to know… It’s that deep.

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