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PD/GWSS Referendum in March

The official grower referendum on continuation of the Pierces Disease/Glassy Wing Sharp Shooter assessments comes at the end of March, 2010. This is a serious piece of business growers need to spend some time with and act by casting your ballots.

For those of us growing in Suisun Valley the outbreak and infestation of GWSS in Vacaville several years back was a very sobering situation. The threat of movement to, and impacts on, our vineyards just miles away was unmistakenly real.

Much work has been done since then and the fact the assessment was already in place offered the funding support to Solano County to knock this pest down with the infestation now eradicated. But the final solution is not yet fully in hand

Research has moved from the vector (the GWSS) and directly to control of the disease itself. A cure to PD is very close, which also means the ongoing strikes we get from the Blue Green Sharpshooter in riparian areas would also be manageable. Should the assessment end that research will certainly stop and growers will loose the finalization of the cure when it was within grasp.

Growers will receive ballots for each vineyard site the operate. Vote all ballots you receive and get them returned by deadline. For complete information on the referendum and where things stand consult the web site established by CAWG, Family Wine Makers of CA and Wine Institute at

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